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Gerald Swanson                                  

The Broker Advantage
ONE agent, ONE client and MANY companies!

·Our ability as a broker is to quote a number of insurance companies for you with just one phone call by you

·We shop the marketplace to find the best coverage and policy for you, while also finding the finest coverage and policy for you, while also finding the best value.

·As a broker, we utilize the ability to switch companies to provide you continued maximum level coverage, with the best value, while maintaining continuity of care.

·We make it our mission to educate our clients about their insurance needs and their insurance coverage.

·We seek to fill any and all gaps in your current coverage and moving forward, to control your insurance cost each year while keeping that coverage.

·We want to provide a consistent and reliable relationship with you and your family. One, where you feel confident knowing that your best interests, and your family's best interests are our main concern.

·ONE agent and ONE broker for all your insurance needs!

Gerald Swanson
Insurance Consultant

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