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We are proud to offer Berkshire Life ProVider Plus Disability policy. They are an industry expert in disability income insurance and the ProVider Plus policy ensures superior income protection for highly skilled professionals who have invested heavily in their training. This policy offer features and benefits that are custom tailored to these specific professions.

Key Policy Benefits

Non-Cancellable and Guaranteed Renewal - This is your policy that you own, not a group plan. As long as the policy is paid, you own this policy to age 65 or 67 your choice.

True Own Occupation Protection - If you are not able to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, you are eligible for benefits. There is also specialty language which takes this protection a step further by protecting professional specialties.

Benefit is Not Reduced - If you receive benefits due to a disability, the benefits are NOT reduced if you seek gainful employment in anther field. So even if you can work, but not in your specific position, you will still receive the full benefit, this is one of the key differences versus group plans.

Residual Disability Benefit - If due to sickness or injury, you suffer a loss of income of at least 15% of your prior income, you would be eligible for your benefit.

Future Increase Option - This is a great benefit to younger professionals that are growing their practice. This option ensures you can increase your protection without evidence of good health. With this option you can increase your protection each year based on your financial situation up to age 55.

Cost of Living Adjustment - Each year your benefit is increased at least 3% with the maximum being 6%.

Benefits of the Town and Village Disability Department
We are here to learn about your specific situation and professional goals to formulate the best policy for you utilizing over 40 years of experience. In applying for this policy, clients undergo medical underwriting and screening which affects the client's rate "tier". This is a very important step in the process and the tier has the ability to dramatically affect the ultimate cost of the policy, and this is where we add the greatest value to this process.

Using our experience and relationship with the company we are able to secure the most favorable tier possible where exceptions and concessions are warranted. We are here as your advocate to ensure an efficient process with the most favorable outcome. Once your policy is issued we continue to assist with any questions as well as assisting in increasing the benefit amount in the future for our clients.

Simply put, you receive expert advice as well as an experienced advocate on your side.

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