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Types of Policies Offered
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Auto Insurance

We are most at risk while driving our vehicles making auto insurance a very important part of your insurance package.

In this area, I focus on educating my clients on what each coverage protects. I am here as an advisor to assist you on getting the right coverage for you. 

Once we have determined your coverage needs, I utilize my relationship with a number of insurance carriers to find you the best policy for the lowest cost.

Home Insurance

Our homes are on of our greatest assets and I find that many people have insurance policies with gaps in many areas of coverage.  I want to ensure that you are properly covered and this is why I discuss with my clients many aspects of home and personal property. 

With this information I can shop the marketplace to find the most comprehensive insurance policy for you.

We strive to find the best overall value for our clients and during renewal over the years we proactively help our clients control the insurance cost.

Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance we are different than most agencies; we have staff specialist with over 80 years of combined experience to offer clients realistic proposals based on their needs, then we leverage our relationships with our insurance companies to negotiate for exceptions and concessions to secure the best rate tiers for our clients to control the cost of these policies.

Our clients have found that this process is efficient and the end result is second to none!  We have been able to assist thousands of clients in this area with securing the finest policy with the most competitive rates!

Health Insurance

We offer service for Individual, Group and Medicare Supplement Health Insurance. We have over 100 years of combined experience in designing, implementing and servicing clients. We represent all major health insurance carriers in the state of Ohio.

A crucial factor in determining the cost of your policy is your current health and how the companies rate your health. This is where we excel in working for you, we utilize our vast experience and our relationship with our insurance carriers to negotiate the highest rating. We provide our clients with realistic proposals and then assist with the application and issuing of these policies. This typically results in the client saving hundreds to thousands of dollars per year! Best of all, our expertise and the potential for savings costs our clients absolutely nothing.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a must-have protection for the working adult.  Having a disability policy is a huge benefit in a time of need. Our disability department has over 40 years of experience in assisting our clients in finding the policy with the proper fit. 

Similar to the process of applying for a health insurance policy, qualification for a disability policy is subject to health underwriting and screening.  Our experts at Town and Village are well versed in dealing with these companies and negotiating on your behalf to secure the most favorable rates.

Put our expertise to work for you with this important policy.

Business and Commercial Insurance

Our commercial department is managed by Michael Buchanan, who has many professional designations and over 45 years of experience with commercial insurance.

We specialize in custom tailored insurance packages that ensure proper coverage, and the elimination of coverage gaps; for your business equipment, building, income and potential liabilities. We leverage our long standing relationships with our insurance companies underwriting department to ensure the most favorable rates.

We shop the marketplace for you and find the best fit in coverage for the best value.

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